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Access control exception for hive tables created using pyspark

In HIVE I have a table that was created by using pyspark.

I have created the table like below.

df ="jdbc").option("url", "{}:{}/{}".format(domain,port,mysqldb)).option("driver", "com.mysql.jdbc.Driver").option("dbtable","{}".format(table)).option("user", "{}".format(username)).option("password", "{}".format(password)).load()


sqlContext.sql("create table {}.`{}` stored as parquet as select * from mytempTable".format(hivedb,table))

I am able to query the records and get I am getting the expected results.

Now I am also able to append the hive table using like below


#Get last value from hive table
lastval = sqlContext.sql("select nvl(max(id),0) as maxval from {}.{}".format(hivedb,table)).collect()[0].asDict()['maxval']
#Connect to FDS and import records greater than the lastval
df ="jdbc").option("url", "{}:{}/{}".format(domain,port,mysqldb)).option("driver", "com.mysql.jdbc.Driver").option("dbtable","(select * from {} where id > {}) as {}".format(table,lastval,table)).option("user", "{}".format(username)).option("password", "{}".format(password)).load()

#register dataframe as temptable

#Insert into hive table
sqlContext.sql("insert into table {}.{} select * from mytempTable".format(hivedb,table))

I am getting the expected results. All is fine until now.


But when a other user is trying to update the same `hive` table using the same script I am using we are getting `access control exception`


the error message is below: Permission denied: user=xxxxx, access=WRITE, path="/user/hive/warehouse/testing.db/table_name/_temporary/0"

Why is this happening and what should I do to not get this type of errors.