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Getting notification on failed and killed applications


Hi Guys,


I'm working on a script that will send notification on the failed,killed application.


I'm using the Yarn histrory API and getting the the failed application in the last hour also i'm parsing the output.


I need ideas how to present this in the notification, for example: HTML table, json or free text.


If anyone who already did this and can advise or share how he did this, also i will appreciate if anyone can advise how i can get the failed and killed in the same request, i tried to use the OR operation with no success.


Thanks in advance, Below what i did so far:





STARTDATE=`date -d " -1 hour " +%s%N | cut -b1-13`
ENDDATE=`date +%s%N | cut -b1-13`

result=`curl -s 'http://ropr-mhc102:8088/ws/v1/cluster/apps?finishedTimeBegin='$STARTDATE'&finishedTimeEnd='$ENDDATE'&finalStatus=FAILED&user=dataaccess'`
echo $result | python -m json.tool | sed 's/["|,]//g' | grep -E "id|name|finalStatus|amContainerLogs|trackingUrl|diagnostics"



Sample ouput:


id: application_1504684651566_19320
name: dataaccessLE-engagement
amContainerLogs: http://ropr-dhc034:8042/node/containerlogs/container_e43_1504684651566_19321_02_000001/dataaccess
diagnostics: User class threw exception: File hdfs://CAProd/liveperson/data/storage_Shared/data_Platform/dallas/output/VisitorSession/acc_id=88 does not exist.
finalStatus: FAILED