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How to set yarn.resourcemanager preemption.max_wait_before_kill ?

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Is it possible to set this parameter from Cloudera Express 5.14.1 UI?



I highly suspect Yarn to kill some spark executor before they can properly end.




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Re: How to set yarn.resourcemanager preemption.max_wait_before_kill ?

The property you refer to is for the Capacity Scheduler's preemption settings. Are you using the Capacity Scheduler in your cluster?

For parameters not available in a service's UI, you can typically add it to the safety-valve of the relevant config file. Your quoted configuration is for the ResourceManager, so add it to the following field:

YARN - Configuration - 'ResourceManager Advanced Configuration Snippet (Safety Valve) for yarn-site.xml' as property name and value in the UI.

Note: CDH and CM primarily supports the Fair Scheduler which has fair-share based preemption controls that can be fine-tuned extensively: