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Hive view definition update

some of our views are created as "create view {view_name} as select * from {base_table}"


Now, if the base table definition gets updated (by adding new attributes), does hive view definition gets auto updated? Or do we need to recreate the view?


As per documentation from, hive uses Stored view definition. Is this true for Hive version 1.1 as well?

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Re: Hive view definition update



Any DML changes will be reflected automatically. But you need to run the below replace command to reflect DDL changes in view


CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW View_Name as query;

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Re: Hive view definition update

If I have 50 users. 10 users are updating and inserting the same base table  simultaneusly and 40 users are just querying simultaneously, will there be any locking? How is the concurrency working?


I do not want to turn on the transactional or ACID features. Please let me know.