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count(*) get 0 row from hive orc table

Hi all I load a textfile fields split by '|' lines terminated by '\n' into a hive table and get the expected 134037 rows,Then I insert these data into a orc format hive table ,after successully executed this insert query i get 0 rows through select count(*) ,but from analyze the orc table it shows [ numFiles=1, numRows=134037, totalSize=2997023, rawDataSize=109240155 ],select * from this orc table also get nothing,does anyone know how does this happen?
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Re: count(*) get 0 row from hive orc table


Can you let us know:

- the DDL of both tables
- does it happen to any ORC table? Or just this one?
- what version of Hive or CDH are you using?