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Failed to upload YARN MapReduce Framework JARs

version: cloudera manager 6.0-beta1

problem: Completed only 1/2 steps. First failure: Failed to execute command Install YARN MapReduce Framework JARs on service YARN (MR2 Included)




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Hi Kelonsen,

Were you adding a new Yarn service to existing cluster?


The YarnInstallMrFrameworkJars always creates the framework jar directory in hdfs before the upload.


Can you grab the earlier part of that screen, or find that command in the Previous Commands?

It would show whether the framework jar directory creation was attempted and whether is was successful.

Also, do you have oozie and hive services?


Did you add and start services one at a time?, do you know the order that services were added and started?


Did the step previous to the failing step have the title " Create YARN MapReduce Framework Dir" ?