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Oozie web console does not work

I did what the documentation says to enable the Oozie web console (and what used to work in CDH5). In the beta however it does not seem to work.


I know Oozie changed from Tomcat to Jetty so maybe something changed to get it up and running?


Has anyone been able to get it going?


(It could also be that I'm doing something wrong obviously)

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Thanks for reporting this issue!


There are two things here to consider:

One is OOZIE-3225 where the web console is providing with a confusing message when Kerberos is enabled. So make sure Spengo is configured correctly.

The other is a packaging issue we've found too late to fix it in the beta: On Redhat-like systems a symlink is missing that points to /var/lib/oozie/ext-2.2 from our parcel. Please create that link and make sure it's pointing from embedded-oozie-server/webapp/ext-2.2 inside the parcel to  /var/lib/oozie/ext-2.2.

The other workaround is to copy the ext-2.2 folder straight into the parcel itself.


If you're not using parcels, you can still copy things into the oozie installed files.

Both issues will be fixed in the final version of CDH6.0


Please let us know if this helps in resolving your issue.

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