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Supported JDK in CDH6


In the release noted for CDH6 beta I've noticed that only Oracle's JDK 8 is listed as supported.


The new Java release cycle and support roadmap from Oracle is a big change from the past:

  • A new Java version will be released every 6 months (latest version available is Java 10) and supported only for 6 months until the release of the next version
  • Every three years an LTS version will be released (next one is Java 11 scheduled for September 2018) and will be supported for 5 years. But there's a catch, only paying customers will get updates past the first six months (for example non-paying customers will receive updates to Java11LTS only until the release of Java12)
  • Java 8 EOL is fixed for January 2019


Are there any plans to support something different from Oracle JVM in CDH6 (eg OpenJDK packaged in RHEL)? I don't know how long this beta will be but releasing a new major version on an eol-JVM is not really promising.


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Cloudera Employee J-D
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Hi p,


We usually don't communicate product announcements though forum answers, but yes we're actively working on solutions.


Specifically regarding C6.0.0 beta, although it is EOL, JDK 8 is currently the only released LTS version. JDK 9 is already dead, JDK 10 will be in a few months ("Java SE 10 (18.3) will be a short term release and users should transition to the next release when available"). And as you saw in your link, it's possible to get JDK 8 support all the way through 2020 (not that this will be the only option).


Hope this helps,



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