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which the exact impala version of cdh 6


i see

it said impala version impala-3.9.0+cdh6.0.0-beta1


but in CDH 6

 impalad version 2.11.0-cdh6.0.0-beta1 RELEASE (build ded6764d7c4ac82cb9a0173e668b120d67fe2a6f)


Is it the same version of CDH 5.14?

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Hi teng,
The table in the documentation is wrong. CDH6.0.0beta1 is based on Apache Impala 2.11. However, we've included a good deal of patches on top, so it's not quite the same as 5.14. CDH6.0.0GA will likely be based on Apache Impala 3.0's release.
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