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CDH 6 supported OS



I noticed that CDH6's download page [1] and archive [2] doesn't list any Debian OS supported (but only Ubuntu), and in its release notes [3] I didn't find any trace of deprecation notice. Can you please clarify if Debian is still supported or not?


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Re: CDH 6 supported OS

I would like to know this as well.


My assumption thus far has been CDH6 is still a bit... "early"... in it's release cycle and isn't as widely supported yet with more OS and versions to come. Especially considering you can't upgrade to 6.0 from the latest 5.15.x series yet either.


While I could be entirely wrong, I would "assume" Debian support is coming... along with the ability to upgrade from 5.15.x. Either way would be great if someone at Cloudera could clarify.