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Install Apache NiFi

I want to install Apache NiFi in CDH 5.5x. What are the licensing agreement to be followed to use Apache Nifi?

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Re: Install Apache NiFi

Apache Nifi is Apache v2.0 licensed naturally, as is your CDH stack.

CDH does not currently carry Apache Nifi as part of it, so you'll need to set it up manually by following its documentation over at

Also, a community member hosts a buildable parcel for Apache Nifi's use with Cloudera Manager and CDH, at (Discovered via
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Re: Install Apache NiFi

honestly fo now look into hortonworks doc as they are using nifi in the hdflow
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Re: Install Apache NiFi

Question: if I start using the customer parcel, if I update the Cloudera Version, will it still work?


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Re: Install Apache NiFi

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i would always keep the nifi outside my cluster and run em , ease of use. 


or you can use streamsets and integrate with Cloudera manager.