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Unable to see new database under Hive with Sentry enabled

I have enabled Sentry and Kerberos on CDH 5.9. I have created an admin role and grant it to the admin group.My admin user is able to manage the Hive server.


However the normal user account can't see the new database I created.


I have run steps as below:

1. Create a new database call marketing

2. Create a new role call marketing-senior

3. Grant all priviliges on the database marketing to the role marketing-senior

4. Grant role marketing-senior to one AD group call marketing-senior as well

5. Use one normal user account log into Hue. My normal user account is in the group marketing-senior

6. The normal user account can't see database marketing.

6. Ran statement 'use marketing', it gave an error message as below

"Error while compiling statement: FAILED: SemanticException No valid privileges User hduser1 does not have privileges for SWITCHDATABASE The required privileges: Server=server1->Db=*->Table=+->Column=*->action=select;Server=server1->Db=*->Table=+->Column=*->action=insert;"


Great thanks for any help.

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Re: Unable to see new database under Hive with Sentry enabled

Sorry guys. The user saw the database after sometime. Maybe the Sentry needs sometime to fresh the permission settings.