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Getting An internal error while Linking Altus to our Azure Account.
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We started the process to setup Azure Environment in Altus. 


As a part of it, I launched quick start template menioned in the page to get required network resources. Following are the created resources.


  • a Resource Group
  • a Virtual Network
  • a Network Security Group
  • a VM running bind DNS server
  • a User Assigned Managed Service Identity (MSI)

I entered all required details in evironment setup wizard and clicked on create. I see the following error. I got this error multiple times, not sure what's the problem.


An internal error has occurred. Retry your request, but if the problem persists, contact us with details by posting a message on the Cloudera Community forums.

Request ID: cdf78a0a-58e6-4879-b11d-a7f8a62f1e41


Can someone help me understand what went wrong.

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Hi @VamsiMN,


Did you do the role assignment of Cloudera Service principle to your subscription?

Here are the document on how to do it :


Regarding the error you see, I am sorry that we dont show a much more explicit error message. We will work on improving the error message so others dont run into the same issue again.


Let me know if you have any more questions.