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Cloudera Cluster Deployment Failed on Azure

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Scenario: Cluster Deployment Failing.

Platform: Azure

  •  Deploying CDH on Azure.

Already did:

  1. Deployed Cloudera Director on azure.
  2. Already found a default Environment, and three intance templates (edge, master and worker template) in cloudera director webUI.
  3. Created Cloudera manager in that environment from web UI of Cloudera Director. 
  4. I tried to create a cluster with two mater, three worker and one gateway node from webUI of cloudera director but it getting failed each time.
  5. Core quota is enough on azure subscription. 


Cluster: clusterc1 Bootstrap failed Parcel validation failed.

Didn't found any log and diagnostic data.




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Re: Cloudera Cluster Deployment Failed on Azure

Hi akn9050,


The error message you see indicates a mismatch between the desired product versions, like those for CDH, with what is available in the selected or default parcel repositories. Check the product version numbers that you specified and the parcel repository URLs if you overrode them.


There should be more detail on the failure in Director's application.log file. Find it through the instructions here.