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How to create HA Cloudera Manager with Cloudera Director?



Is there any way to set up HA Cloudera Manager with Cloudera Director, deployed on AWS?


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Re: How to create HA Cloudera Manager with Cloudera Director?

Hi l0pht,


Cloudera Director does not support setting up an HA installation of Cloudera Manager out of the box. Only one Cloudera Manager instance is bootstrapped at a time by Cloudera Director.


Here are the documented steps for configuring Cloudera Manager for HA:


Cloudera Director can set up an external database, say, in RDS, for use by a Cloudera Manager installation to be part of an eventual HA configuration. You would also need a load balance and a shared file system, neither of which Cloudera Director sets up for you natively, but an ELB and an EFS file system should do the job.


If the goal is simply data preservation and not live failover, then use of RDS along with an EBS-backed AMI should be enough. If something goes wrong with a Cloudera Manager instance and it needs to be replaced, its EBS volume can be attached to a new instance and Cloudera Manager will come back up.