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Data Science Workbench installation instructions 1.3.X - clarification needed

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Hi, I'm very new to Cloudera. I need to setup CDSW by using CSD. But I'm not quite sure how many node will I need in oder to set up test environment. I have to setup and build the environment on my own from the start. Can anyone please suggest?


- How many node will I need? As I understand 3 (1 for cm, 1 cdsw master, 1  cdsw worker)

- CM node will only store roles, and cdsw will store only its own packages (including agent)?

- Can cdsw master and worker run on the same node? 

- And from this guide that I have to config dns wildcard subdomain, do I need to create subdomain first?

- Anything I miss or I should know?


I was trying to setup once on CDSW 1.2.X with two node 1 as master with cm, the other one was just worker. The result was I cannot init or start the cdsw web. Now I will try again from the begining, please help!