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Director Plugin Deployment

I have developed a Cloudera Director plug-in based on BYON plugin. Does anyone knows how to deploy the new plugin, what are the configuration files required.
Any help wlll be appreciated.

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Re: Director Plugin Deployment

I am glad you are experimenting with Director custom plugins!


First you should verify that your plugin is packaged correctly and satisfies the contract of the SPI, using the technology compatibility kit (TCK):


Once your plugin passes these tests, you can:

  • Go to the plugin directory for your Cloudera Director instance (e.g. /var/lib/cloudera-director-plugins), create a new directory for your plugin, following the naming convention of the other plugins (<plugin name>-<plugin version>).
  • Put your correctly packaged plugin in this directory, and create an etc subdirectory for any configuration files required by your plugin. The BYON example code does not require any configuration files, but you may have added some in your custom implementation. You can look at the other open-source plugins, such as the Amazon Web Services (AWS) plugin, for examples strategies for reading configuration files:
  • Start Director server, or restart it if it is already running.
  • Look at application.log to verify that your plugin was loaded correctly.