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Re: replacement of ec2 machine



Thanks kartik,


Did you tried the ec2 instance replacement of the nodes with other master services such as hive,hue spark etc ?


I am thinking of the below strategy,let me know your views on it.

  • Will setup snapshot of the ebs volumes for the master nodes with critical services such as hive,hue ,spark etc.
  • If the master node goes down, will recover from failure.



Tauqeer Khan

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Re: replacement of ec2 machine

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There is stateless and stateful master.

For stateless master, you should be able to switch instances. For stateful master, it is a little bit complicated, it might be good to keep EBS snapshot, but the snapshot is not online replica, that you might need to do some manual work to recover from failure.


But those are only from the point of the view of individual instance, the configuration of master(s) might be recorded somewhere else, eg zookeeper, that you also need to refresh configuration afterwards if needed.