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CCA175 certification guidance


I am planning to do CCA175 certification. For this, I need guidance from the experts who have completed this certification. From google I came to know that there will be questions regarding hive,spark,spark-sql dataframe api and Sqoop and somewhat regarding flume as well. I already know about the pattern. But what else I need to study . Any certified here ?? please help

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Re: CCA175 certification guidance

Even the spark version of cloudera is 1.6 and in this version we cannot load csv data directly for dataframe. For this we need some additional jars that needs to be downloaded and kept in lib folder. So how do I solve this issue during exam ?? or is it provided ??

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Re: CCA175 certification guidance

Hi @debuggerrr,


Everything you need to study for the CCA 175 exam is laid out in the certification page under "required skills". There is even a sample question near the bottom of the page. Make sure to take into account the Exam delivery and cluster information section of the page when studying.

Cy Jervis, Community Manager

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Re: CCA175 certification guidance

Thank you @cjervis for replying. My another doubt is will there be option between scala and pyspark or i need to master both ??


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