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Cloudera Custom Service Configuration

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Hi ,


We have created a custom service for cloudera by generating parcels and sdl files.

We are able to install service and start the custom service sucessfully.

 Our service have some depedencies on hive and sentry.

So we have added below lines in .sdl file of our custom service




Now if any changes are made in hive or sentry configuration

and restarting those service restarts my custom service as well because of dependencies 

which is working as expected.


But we have a requirement such that while  installing our custom service we need to update some configurations

of hive and sentry. 

e.g :

For hive "Hive Service Advanced Configuration Snippet (Safety Valve) for sentry-site.xml" configuration needs to be updated while installing our custom service



Is there any tag in sdl  file so that we can change configuration of hive and sentry from our custom service while installation ?


If not then what should be workaround for this ?