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Cloudera agent failing to install

Ok, I'm about to give up. I have spent about 16 hours out of the last 24 trying to resolve this issue. I get this error when adding hosts to my cloudera quickstart. I have just about done everything that is suggested on the internet, not only here but on other blogs/sites as well and nothing is working. It goes through all the steps and fails when it gets to about 80% of the installation (progress bar).


So this is the message I get:


Error: Cannot find a valid baseurl for repo: base
Could not retrieve mirrorlist error was
14: PYCURL ERROR 6 - "Couldn't resolve host ''


I get this for all three Vmware Centos nodes I have created. 


Any suggestions/and/or help please????? 



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Re: Cloudera agent failing to install

Hi Monique,


It sounds like your hosts cannot resolve the hostname


Try logging into those hosts and "ping"


Do you get a response?


That is all I can think of, and I am not sure how you go about fixing it if it does not resolve, sounds like a network issue.


Good luck!