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Disabling IPv6

In a recent Predictive Cluster Validation Summary for one of my clusters, Cloudera Proactive Support states:


"The following hosts have IPv6 enabled, which is against our best practices, because it can cause connectivity problems. This is discussed in the CDH documentation. ("


Yet that page simply says that "IPv6 is not supported and must be disabled."


If this is a hard requirement, then why is there no documentation on *how* to disable IPv6 for the various supported OSs?  I understand that Cloudera may not want to get into the OS configuration business, but at least pointers to vender documentation should be provided.


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Re: Disabling IPv6

Hello @mjarnold,


Thank you for pointing that out.  I have added this post to internal Cloudera Jira DOCS-1862 where we are discussing documentation.





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Re: Disabling IPv6

Thank you Ben.