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HBase Thrift - Queue is full



I am using Cloudera v5.4.8


1 NN & 5 Data Node


Hbase Thrift & Hbase Master are on NN1.


I am  seeing below warning in Thrift Server Logs: [After 10 to 15 days interval]


WARN org.apache.hadoop.hbase.thrift.TBoundedThreadPoolServer: Queue is full, closing connection from x.x.x.x


1. How to check current active connections in Hbase via Thrift ? Currently I check for ESTABLISHED connections at OS on port 9090 ?


2 . How to avoid above issue ?


3. Also, as per


Only when the queue overflows, new threads are added, up to
hbase.thrift.maxQueuedRequests threads


Can anyone explain this with example ?