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Hive on spark2

Hi All,

Is Hive on spark2 supported?

If yes, im trying to configuring Hive on spark 2 ..the documentation says "Search for the Spark On YARN Service. To configure the Spark service, select the Spark service name. To remove the dependency, select none."


but my hive configureation has only one option which is "none". I dont have an option to choose spark service.Am i missing anything in my configurations?





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Re: Hive on spark2

Hello Abhi,


At the time of this writing (latest version are CDH 5.13.1 / Spark 2.2.x) Hive on Spark2 is not supported. See our documentation:


"Hive-on-Spark is a CDH component that has a dependency on Spark 1.6. Because CDH components do not have any dependencies on Spark 2, Hive-on-Spark does not work with the Cloudera Distribution of Apache Spark 2."


I hope this answers your question.



 Miklos Szurap

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