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Is there any way to map service hostname with the other ip address/other name in cloudera

Hello All, I am using docker container to deploy cloudera manager and services on other containers. I have following use case. docker_container_0 : Clouder manager is installled. It's up and running. docker_container_1 : Name node ,zook keeper,hbase master is installed. docker_container_2 : Hive is installed. I have mapped required ports to the each containers,now i am able to access CM ui in browser. When i try to access HBase web ui or Hive UI from CM UI, it opens URL in browser having the docker container host name(where ui server is running) and it's port.It's expected behaviour. However i don't have access to the container host from remot machine, so it shows an error. Is there any solution/config where i can map docker container host to some other IP ? , so that above issue can be resolved. Thanks, Gurushant