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Not able to load CSD




I have a cluster that is not able to use its proxy (That's a separate post). In order to install SPARK2, I have attempted to follow the instructions here:


I put the SPARK2 parcel into the /opt/cloudera/csd directory. After restarting the scm-server, I was able to distribute and activate CSD. However, SPARK2 does not appear as an option under "Add  a Service"


The only related errors I see is an error in the scm-server log indicating that it failed to load CSD from /opt/cloudera/csd because it has no jar extension. Although I think this is a spurious error because the package has already been distrivuted and activate, I did rename it with a jar extension. Upon restarting, I got an error idicating that there was a ZipException when it tried to uncompress it.  The file does appear to be a valid gzipped tar archive.


Any ideas?  Thanks!

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Re: Not able to load CSD

Couple of things to note here:

1. You need to copy the csd to the /opt/cloudera/csd directory.

This is what you want :

2. The parcel need not be downloaded. It should work after you make this change.


Let me know if you have any troubles.