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Path B installation Cloudera Manger - Clarification .



Below are my doubts please clarify 


1 . if I use The JDK that  is included in the Cloudera Manager 5 repositories

Do i have to manually add JAVA_HOME in any of the Cloudera manager configuration files 

if so where is the location of those files ? 




2 . could you tell me where should the mysql jdbc jar be placed for Cloudera manager to recogonize because i am plaining to have all those cloudera manager service like Activity Monitor, Reports Manager,  Cloudera Navigator Audit Server, and Cloudera Navigator Metadata Server to be in mysql database not use the postgres database that ships along . 


Thanks for any information its really going to help in my prod box

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Re: Path B installation Cloudera Manger - Clarification .

1. No, you do not.

Using CM or the OS package manager will do this for you. Only if you install manually using the tar file would you need to set JAVA_HOME.

2. /usr/share/java/