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Search for UUID



My team manages almost 2,000 nodes in production. We use an internal tool that utilizes Chef to deploy configuration updates to our clusters. Occasionally this tool will throw errors related to cluster hosts that are having problems and that display those hosts' UUIDs. Currently the best way to find out which host a UUID belongs to is to run a knife-ssh command:



knife ssh "<cluster_name>" -a ipaddress "sudo cat /var/lib/cloudera-scm-agent/uuid | grep '<UUID>'" -P <ssh_user_password> -C 100 | grep -v 'knife sudo password'


The grepped line that is returned will show the ip address of the host which is assigned to the UUID you searched for.


Is there an easier way to search for this? It would be nice to simply be able to navigate to Cloudera Manager > Hosts > All Hosts > search for UUID. The nature of UUIDs might make this hard to do, but I would think that this info could be queried based on what exists in /var/lib/cloudera-scm-agent/uuid in all hosts.


CM version: Cloudera Enterprise 5.13.0



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Re: Search for UUID

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Found out that you can search for a UUID in the main CM search bar, but not the search bar in CM > cluster_name > Hosts or CM > Hosts > All Hosts