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Upgrade cloudera hadoop to 2.7


 Now in CDH parcel hadoop version is 2.6. But I need upgrade hadoop to version 2.7.  

How I can do it? 



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Re: Upgrade cloudera hadoop to 2.7

CDH Apache Hadoop currently is on Apache Hadoop 2.6.0 + Fixes back ported from upstream trunk. There is no new release as of now that is based on the recent upstream 2.7.x release.

Is there a specific feature or bug-fix of 2.7.x you are interested in?
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Re: Upgrade cloudera hadoop to 2.7

we are starting using Spark 2.2 and we are starting thinking to upgrade to hadoop 2.7/2.8 basically because we have some optionals options that we need.


Is possible to upgrade to hadoop 2.7 / 2.8 using Cloudera Manager? If not, any ideas?


Hadoop 2.6 release is from November 2014!