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hadoop NameNode's Name directory usage growing exponentially

Hi, I recently enabled Name Node HA, everything went as expected way.
But all of sudden, checkpoint  directory usage growing exponentially.
it used to be 40 GB
But yesterday , It became 470 Gig
            Today, It reached 567 Gig
root@stats:/usr/lib/hadoop/metadata/name# ls
current  image  in_use.lock  previous.checkpoint
root@stats:/mnt/sdb/name# du -sh *
567G    current
8.0K    image
4.0K    in_use.lock
267M    previous.checkpoint
One of Name NameNode's Name Directory part of / file system,
Due to this, OS not functioning well and it reached 100% disk usage.
Am i hitting any BUG ? or Any issue ?
Kindly advice me on this....
i am using CDH 4.1.3 & Cloudera Enterprise 4.6.3.
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