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[ANNOUNCE] Cloudera Director 2.4.0 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of Cloudera Director 2.4.0.


Cloudera Director provides a simple, reliable, enterprise-grade way to deploy, scale, and manage Apache Hadoop in the cloud of your choice. Cloudera Director is available as a free download for use with Cloudera Express and is fully supported with Cloudera Enterprise. Cloudera Director 2.4.0 includes the following new features:


  • Improved support for long-running clusters: Cloudera Director 2.4 will support upgrades, change of services, and configurations from Cloudera Manager 5.11.
  • Spark 2 support
  • Kudu support
  • For Azure clusters, support for Azure Data Lake Store (ADLS) via Cloudera Manager and CDH 5.11 deployments.
  • Support for the following Microsoft Azure Clouds and Regions:


Use the following links to download the product and view the documentation:



As always, we are happy to hear your feedback. Please post your questions and comments on our community forum.