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[ANNOUNCE] Cloudera Enterprise 5.8.4 Released

Dear CDH, Cloudera Manager, and Cloudera Navigator users,


We are pleased to announce the release of Cloudera Enterprise 5.8.4 (CDH 5.8.4 and Cloudera Manager 5.8.4).

This release fixes key bugs and includes the following:


  • CDH fixes for the following issues:


    • FLUME-2812 - Fix semaphore leak causing java.lang.Error: Maximum permit count exceeded in MemoryChannel
    • HADOOP-12483 - Maintain wrapped SASL ordering for postponed IPC responses
    • HADOOP-13838 - KMSTokenRenewer should close providers
    • HBASE-15430 - Failed taking snapshot - Manifest proto-message too large
    • HBASE-17072 - CPU usage starts to climb up to 90-100% when using G1GC
    • HDFS-6962 - ACLs inheritance conflict with umaskmode
    • HDFS-10763 - Open files can leak permanently due to inconsistent lease update
    • HIVE-12465 - Hive might produce wrong results when (outer) joins are merged
    • HIVE-13539 - HiveHFileOutputFormat searching the wrong directory for HFiles
    • HUE-4546 - Auto-strip invalid characters from name field of converted docs
    • IMPALA-1702 - Enforce single-table consistency in query analysis
    • IMPALA-3167 - Fix assignment of WHERE clause predicate through grouping aggregate and outer join
    • IMPALA-3552 - Make incremental stats max serialized size configurable
    • IMPALA-3875 - Thrift threaded server hang in some cases
    • IMPALA-3964 - Fix crash when a count(*) is performed on a nested collection
    • IMPALA-4037 - ChildQuery::Cancel() appears to violate lock ordering
    • SENTRY-1313 - Database prefix is not honored when executing grant statement
    • SQOOP-2950 - Fix Sqoop trunk consistent UT failures


For a full list of upstream JIRAs fixed in CDH 5.8.4, see the issues fixed section of the Release Notes.


  • Cloudera Manager fixes for the following issues:


    • Dollar sign ($) character in password results in IllegalArgumentException: Using special characters such as the dollar sign ($) for passwords and other user-supplied values with CSD-based services (those added to Cloudera Manager with custom service descriptors) raised exceptions. This has been resolved.
    • Hive replication command should update copy the SerDe properties correctly: Hive replication now replicates the SerDe properties and also copies the corresponding HDFS file.


For a full list of issues fixed in Cloudera Manager 5.8.4, see the issues fixed section of the Release Notes.


We look forward to you trying it, using the information below:


As always, we are happy to hear your feedback. Please send your comments and suggestions to the user group or through our community forums. You can also file bugs through our external JIRA projects on