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Survey on Cloud and Cloudera Director

Do you use cloud infrastructure for your CDH clusters? You are invited to share your feedback on your usage and management of cloud infrastructure. You will thereby influence the roadmap of Cloudera Director and other cloud orchestration software from Cloudera. Please share your experiences by taking this short survey:
Key Cloudera Director features recently added include:
  • Automatic repair of clusters
  • Support for long-running clusters: Cloudera Director now syncs with cluster changes made via Cloudera Manager
  • AWS Spot instance support and improved resiliency to spot instance disappearances
  • Support for AWS EBS volumes
  • Support for Azure ADLS, Azure premium and standard storage
For more details on which versions support different features, please refer to the release notes.
If you have any questions or comments, you can reach me at
Thanks for your input,
Vinithra Varadharajan
Engineering Manager, Cloud