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Cloudera Navigator Blank Page on Internet Explorer 11

Dear All,


We got a blank page when we are using Internet Explorer 11 to access a HTTPS page of Cloudera Navigator with self-signed certificate.


The login page is showing when we are using other browser, i.e., Firefox.


Does Cloudera Navigator have a known issue with IE11?



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Re: Cloudera Navigator Blank Page on Internet Explorer 11

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We can confirm (after veryfing with the engineering team) that IE11 has been tested and working correclty with the access to Navigator page.


For anyone who might experience the same issue in the future - there are several things to look for:

  • Check (and disable if required) any plugins in IE11
  • Check if there are any special rules/policies on your Windows machine (where IE11 is running)
  • Check for the entries in MS Event Log (system log on Windows) around the time you are trying to access the Navigator page 
  • There's an "Enterprise Mode" [1] which make IE11 try to render the Navigator page as an old browser - and hence it could fail. Basically this could be enforced by the company settings/policies - so your local admins should be able to check and advise on that.
  • Install and examine the output of Dev Console [2]

Hope that the above hints are useful.





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