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Cloudera's Solution for AWS's Glue



is there a Cloudera alternative, that would cover the upcomming AWS Glue? AWS Glue automatically crawls your data sources, identifies data formats, and then suggests schemas and transformations, so you don’t have to spend time hand-coding data flows. You can then edit these transformations, if necessary, using the tools and technologies you already know, such as Python, Spark, Git and your favorite integrated developer environment (IDE), and share them with other AWS Glue users. AWS Glue schedules your ETL jobs and provisions and scales all the infrastructure required so your ETL jobs run quickly and efficiently at any scale.


Thanks in advance for any advice ;-)


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Re: Cloudera's Solution for AWS's Glue

Hi Georges-Louis!


Any idea if Cloudera covers AWS Glue or if it is possible to integrate it with the platform?







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