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Cloudera Connector powered by Teradata - Avro file format

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Hi everyone!


I am having some problems when importing data from Teradata with Avro format.


sqoop import  \
--connect jdbc:teradata://host/DATABASE=db \
--username usr --password pwd \
--table mytable \
--split-by CODCLI \
--target-dir /path/to/hdfs

It fails giving the following error:


18/01/26 11:00:52 ERROR util.SqlTypeMap: It seems like you are looking up a column that does not
18/01/26 11:00:52 ERROR util.SqlTypeMap: exist in the table. Please ensure that you've specified
18/01/26 11:00:52 ERROR util.SqlTypeMap: correct column names in Sqoop options.
18/01/26 11:00:52 ERROR tool.ImportTool: Import failed: column not found: CODCLI

But if I remove the --as-avrodatafile parameter it works fine. According to Cloudera documentation the import in Avro format sould be supported. Am I missing something?


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Re: Cloudera Connector powered by Teradata - Avro file format

Any feedback from Cloudera guys?