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Cloudera GPU Support

Hi All,


I'm curious - does anyone here have any experience with GPU accelerated Cloudera or even if its supported?  I've been reading around and noticed a number of teams improving CPU bound jobs by utilising Nvidea's CUDA and offloading the calculations to the GPU when using Hadoop.  I'm looking for people to just share their $0.02 on "yes, this worked for us and here is how to go about it" or "no this is a no go".


Any thoughts or ideas?




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Re: Cloudera GPU Support

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Hey Chris, 


Officially CDH does not support GPU offloading, however there are some JIRA's that have been created to explore/brainstorm these possabilities. I have included them below:


I would also keep an eye on our Engineering Blog to see if there have been any new update on new use cases regarding this.




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Re: Cloudera GPU Support

Hi Jordan,


You mentioned that officially CDH does not support GPU offloading, but does CDH support installation on GPU nodes? 




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