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Flume custom source

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Hi everyone, I am trying to use a custom source in Flume but when I start the agent I get a 

org.apache.flume.FlumeException: Unable to load source type: com.cloudera.flume.source.MySource, class: com.cloudera.flume.source.MySource


The custom source is specified in the file, the package is com.cloudera.flume.source.

This is what I did:


  1. Compile the java file passing the class path to flume and hadoop libraries (this generates the MySource.class file):
    javac -cp /opt/cloudera/parcels/CDH-5.13.0-1.cdh5.13.0.p0.29/lib/hadoop/*:/opt/cloudera/parcels/CDH-5.13.0-1.cdh5.13.0.p0.29/lib/hadoop-mapreduce/*:/opt/cloudera/parcels/CDH-5.13.0-1.cdh5.13.0.p0.29/lib/flume-ng/lib/* -Xlint
  2. Create file like the following:
    Manifest-Version: 1.0
    Main-Class: com.cloudera.flume.source.MySource
  3. Generate the MySource.jar file:
    jar cvfm MySource.jar MySource.class
  4. Move the MySource.jar file in the flume library folder:
    sudo mv MySource.jar /opt/cloudera/parcels/CDH-5.13.0-1.cdh5.13.0.p0.29/lib/flume-ng/lib
  5. The custom flume configuration file is the following:
    # custom.conf
    # Naming the components on the current agent. 
    MyAgent.sources = MySource 
    MyAgent.channels = MemChannel 
    MyAgent.sinks = HDFS
    # Describing/Configuring the source 
    MyAgent.sources.MySource.type = com.cloudera.flume.source.MySource
    # Describing/Configuring the sink 
    MyAgent.sinks.HDFS.type = hdfs 
    MyAgent.sinks.HDFS.hdfs.path = /test/flume/mysource-logs
    MyAgent.sinks.HDFS.hdfs.fileType = DataStream 
    MyAgent.sinks.HDFS.hdfs.writeFormat = Text 
    MyAgent.sinks.HDFS.hdfs.batchSize = 1000
    MyAgent.sinks.HDFS.hdfs.rollSize = 0 
    MyAgent.sinks.HDFS.hdfs.rollCount = 10000 
    # Describing/Configuring the channel 
    MyAgent.channels.MemChannel.type = memory 
    MyAgent.channels.MemChannel.capacity = 10000 
    MyAgent.channels.MemChannel.transactionCapacity = 100
    # Binding the source and sink to the channel 
    MyAgent.sources.MySource.channels = MemChannel = MemChannel 
  6. Then start the agent with the following command:
    flume-ng agent \
    --conf /etc/flume-ng/conf \
    --conf-file custom.conf \
    --name MyAgent \

At this point I get a org.apache.flume.FlumeException, it seems it cannot find  



From the library paths included when started the agent I can see the path /opt/cloudera/parcels/CDH-5.13.0-1.cdh5.13.0.p0.29/lib/flume-ng/lib where I copied MySouce.jar file, thus I don't understand why it cannot find the class.

What am I doing wrong?


ps: I am using CDH 5.13 installed by Cloudera Manager.


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