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How to do an atomic sqoop Export to Oracle

I want to export data from a Hive (Hcatalog) Table to an Oracle database. For that purpose I am using sqoop with the Data Connector for Oracle and Hadoop (--direct Parameter). Since an export is not atomic in Sqoop I dont want to export the data into the target table directly. This is what the --staging-table Parameter in sqoop is for.

The Problem is, that you cannot use the --staging-table Parameter when using the Data connector for Oracle and Hadoop. Is there anothery way to do this in --direct mode?


My sqoop command is:

sqoop export --connect jdbc:oracle:thin:@oracle_server:dmine --username USER --password xxx --table TEST_TIMESTAMP --direct --hcatalog-database default --hcatalog-table test_timestamp [--staging-table STA_TEST_TIMESTAMP]

The error message with --staging-table Parameter is:

The active connection manager ( does not support
 staging of data for export. Please retry without specifying the --staging-table option.

Is there a workaround for the Data Connector for Hadoop and Oracle?