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Re: SQOOP IMPORT --map-column-hive ignored


I was thinking a work around of type casting in the hive side . I understand that your map-column-hive is being ignored . Correct me if I am wrong.
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Re: SQOOP IMPORT --map-column-hive ignored

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@kerjo and @manpreet2 I would like to clarify something. Are you both facing the same issue or something similar?


If the issues are only similar it may be better for @manpreet2 to post the second issue into a new thread to avoid confusion. If they are the same issue, please disregard my question and carry on. :) 


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Re: SQOOP IMPORT --map-column-hive ignored

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@kerjo, I'm seeing the same issue.


  • CDH 5.8.2 (w/ sqoop 1.4.6)
  • MariaDB 5.5, or AWS Redshift, or..

Given the following sqoop invocation:


sqoop                                         \
import                                        \
--map-column-hive LoggedTime=timestamp        \
--connect jdbc:mysql://madb-t:3306/Sardata    \
--username reader                             \
--password 'xx'                               \
--hive-table 'memory'                         \
--table 'Memory'                              \
--as-parquetfile                              \
--target-dir '/user/sardata/mem'              \
--hive-overwrite                              \


I find that the --map-column-hive option is totally ignored. (It doesn't matter if I set it to LoggedTime=string, LoggedTime=blah, or PurpleMonkeyDishwasher=sdfjsaldkjf. It is ignored.)


I noticed tonight that if I avoid Parquet and instead use --as-textfile the --map-column-hive option works correctly. I do not know the reason for this behavior at the moment. And I still need to get the files into Parquet format for Impala to report against. Just wanted to share my observation.

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Re: SQOOP IMPORT --map-column-hive ignored

Hi @eriks,

I am busy this week but I think I can try to build a fix next week.
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Re: SQOOP IMPORT --map-column-hive ignored

Hi @kerjo,

Did you fixed the map-column hive ignored issue?
Could you please share your ideas? It would be very helpful

Ganeshbabu R