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Sqoop import with wallet

Hi all,


We are facing some problems related to the wallet utilization with Sqoop v1.4.6 in Cloudera CDH 5.8.5. Our scenario:

  • user folder: /home/myuser
  • wallet folder: /home/myuser/wallet (cwallet.sso, cwallet.sso.lck, ewallet.p12, ewallet.p12.lck, sqlnet.ora, tnsnames.ora)

The wallet is well configured as if I run

sqlplus /@MY_TNS_NAME

I can connect to the db without the password.

The problem is with sqoop. I can connect to the db and list all the tables inside using:

export HADOOP_OPTS=""sqoop list-tables --connect "jdbc:oracle:thin:@MY_TNS_NAME" 

If I try to dump a table into HDFS with the following command (as suggested here)

export HADOOP_OPTS=""sqoop import -D'' -files /home/myuser/wallet/cwallet.sso,/home/myuser/wallet/ewallet.p12,/home/myuser/wallet/sqlnet.ora,/home/myuser/wallet/tnsnames.ora  -libjars "/var/lib/sqoop/oraclepki.jar,/var/lib/sqoop/osdt_cert.jar,/var/lib/sqoop/osdt_core.jar,/var/lib/sqoop/sqljdbc4.jar" --m 1 --connect "jdbc:oracle:thin:@MY_TNS_NAME" --query "SELECT * FROM MYTABLE WHERE \$CONDITIONS" --target-dir '/tmp/mytabledump'

I get this error:

Error: java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.RuntimeException: java.sql.SQLException: encountered a problem with the Secret Store. Check the wallet location for the presence of an open wallet (cwallet.sso) and ensure that this wallet contains the correct credentials using the mkstore utility: Invalid padding string (or incorrect password)...

If I run the same command without using the wallet (providing manually user and password) it works.


Additional info:

  • ACLs allows the sqoop user to access /home/myuser
  • the /home/myuser/wallet folder owner group is the sqoop primary group (rwx permissions).

It seems there are some problems passing the wallet to the mappers. Any idea how to solve this?