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Sqoop2 Job Disappears Intermittently



I have a strange issue. 


I created a Sqoop2 Job & ran it fine . On Next day i observed that the existing links,Job is no longer available.


Is this a bug in Sqoop2 or i am doing something wrong?.


Error message was


Exception has occurred during processing command
Exception: org.apache.sqoop.common.SqoopException Message: SERVER_0006:Entity requested doesn't exist - Job: oracle doesn't exist



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Re: Sqoop2 Job Disappears Intermittently

Sqoop2 is now deprecated since CDH5.9.x and will be removed in CDH6. I strongly advise that you discontinue usage of Sqoop2 and switch to Sqoop1 instead, as Sqoop1 is more stable and has long term support.