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Re: CCA 175 Certification - Study Material

You mark this as solved ... But, that is not correct. It is not solved...


We understand Cloudera Training provides all the necessary information for this exam... 


Any certification should provide study materials...


Especially when the training is not mandatory and also for those who don't want to take an expensive training (not all will be able to take it) and may want to use a study material and do the hands-on on their own to get this certification...


It will be great If Cloudera could provide a study material (paid one) for this course (I am not talking about a free study material)... 



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Re: CCA 175 Certification - Study Material

Hi @RamkSrid,


The original poster of the thread felt their question was resolved and marked it as such. Can you further explain what you feel should be included in a low cost study material for the exam?

Cy Jervis, Community Manager

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