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How do I preserve upgrades to CDH on my Clusterdock Multinode Quickstart between reboots?

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I installed docker based multinode quickstart using the instructions at


I got all my services running and was able to quickly import some test datasets into hive and run some queries in implala. I wanted to learn spark and observed the spark version was too old. I wanted to upgrade spark parcel.. and so had to upgrade my Cloudera manager version as a prerquisite. I upgraded my CDH to 5.9 including cloudera manager and was able to upgrade my spark as well.


I had to shut down my pc yesterday. When i restarted today, I had to execute the following to turn on my cluster :

clusterdock_run ./bin/start_cluster -n testing cdh --primary-node=node-1 --secondary-nodes='node-{2..4}'
The cluster came backup but was reset to the original settings. downgraded CDH back to 5.8 and I lost all my files as well. I'm a beginner with Docker. Is there a way I can preserve my work and my CDH configuration and files between restarts ?
Thank you.