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Quick Start VM-These are 64-bit VMs, and require a 64-bit host OS

The Quick Start VM has a Notice: These are 64-bit VMs, and require a 64-bit host OS and a virtualization product that can support a 64-bit guest OS.


It is not enough just to have a 64-bit host OS, but the host OS is required to support hardware virtualization. Installing the Quick Start VM on Oracle VirtualBox installed on a 64-bit host OS might still generate an error.  


To be able to install the Quick Start VM the following two requirements are prerequisite.

  1. A host OS which supports hardware virtualization. The CPU processor is required to support either the Intel Virtualization Technology (VT-x) ( or AMD Virtualization Technology (AMD-V) (
  2. Virtualization support should be enabled in the BIOS. 


Some software tools are available to test if a platform supports Intel Virtualization Technology. The Intel Processor Identification Utility ( may be used to test if the CPU supports Intel Virtualization Technology. On Windows systems hardware support for virtualization may also be tested with Microsoft Hardware-Assisted Virtualization Detection Tool ( 


Virtualization support must also be enabled in the BIOS. Some Windows systems that do not support hardware virtualization in the processor may have a “Virtualization” option in the BIOS, which is not the same as the Virtualization Support option for Intel Virtualization Technology

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Re: Quick Start VM-These are 64-bit VMs, and require a 64-bit host OS

As i am trying to install cloudera vm on laptop( 8gb ram and AMD processor) ,but at the last after booting Centos it shows a bug "soft lockup: CPU stuck for 10 sec" which prevents from further how to hndle this bug such that i can proceed further????