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Unable to copy data from HDFS to S3

I am trying to copy data from hdfs to s3 While using the distcp command, the command works for individual files.


So, hadoop distcp /user/username/file.txt s3a://xxxxx works fine


But when I try to copy the entire director structure it fails to create the directory giving the error: Error: mkdir failed for s3a://bucket****/ Error Code: 403 Forbidden; Request ID: 447400E9C5995ED9), S3 Extended Request ID: T0hsw+XaBMrkMUhDcJBKGIRtSF58dKedZdCH2qC32v9uVkwR94SGiI7Xxe8lqaFaDyjwS3oCpkg=


Even if I do a simple mkdir command in s3 it fails giving the same 403 forbidden issue.

So not sure what is the root cause.


I am able to copy the files but not able to create directories.

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Re: Unable to copy data from HDFS to S3

You may not have all the permissions you need on the bucket.  Make sure you have "s3:ListBucket" on resource "arn:aws:s3:::<bucket-name>", as well as "s3:PutObject", "s3:GetObject", "s3:DeleteObject", "s3:PutObjectAcl" on resource "arn:aws:s3:::<bucket-name>/*"


You probably also want to add the permissions for creating and deleting multipart uploads. I'd add priviliges for the operations mentioned in the multipart upload docs as well.