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quickstart docker image computer lab

I would like to use the docker image in my computer labs at the university I work at to provide students with the option of practicing their skills without worrying about setting up an environment.


However I'm trying to get my own head around how this will look for them since I'm also new to docker. Currently I am copying quickstart VMs to all of my lab machines (meaning that a student is tied to a certain lab machine for the entire semester as all of the course labs build onto the next one and they are not copying the vm and moving them around -- too much time to do that). Also the midterms and finals are computer based and they want to practice from home so I need to make sure they can do this from anywhere (most of them do not seem to have home machines that have enough resources or they dont have home machines at all in some cases).


I would like to setup a remote environment that they could connect to either from my lab or from their home. Can I do this with the docker image? Can I host containers for them to connect to? Is there a better way of going about this ? Because I have to remove data in between semesters for the next round of students I would prefer not to build out a full cluster but I suppose that might be an option as well if this doesn't seem feasible.


Any input from anyone in a similar environment ?


Thanks in advance,