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thrift setup with hbase

We have an hbase installation and I am trying to implement the thrift guide to allow python scripts to interact with the hbase. The REST api is available but THRIFT is the requirement I need to implement.


Now I noticed that thrift is installed on the same server as the HBASE installation. I was able to start it in the background but am now stuck on what to next. I need to run the python scripts from any other server. My understand is that I need to do the language bindings on the same server but cannot do that until I install a compiler as the server does not recognize the thrift command (--bash thrift command not found).


So my question: do I need to install thrift on a separate server as well in order to complete the guide? Do I do everything on the single server? Which means I need to install the compiler, install git and other commands first.

Please advise.