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Impala ODBC driver, "attempted to read or write protected memory" with concurrent connections


We are developing an ASP.NET Core based application (on Windows, targeting Full .NET Framework) where on the backend we run queries agains Impala using the ODBC driver. Queries work normally as long as they run one by one, but if it happens to have parallel queries running at the same time from different requests, we receive random (but pretty frequent) AccessViolationException error, complaining that the operation attempted to read or write protected memory. Such exceptions happen while opening the connection asynchronously, and they are pretty drastic becuase they corrupt memory and therefore terminate the whole process.

Do you have any advice, hint or observation related to our use case? We are early days with our project but of course such problem would be a critical one for the success of our work. Our code creates and opens a new ODBC connection at every requests, assuming the driver will do some connection pooling, but admittedly I'm new to Impala so this assumption might be wrong.