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Impalad logs diskspace full



im working on a poc where we store files int a HBase table using Impala.

Now we have the problem that /var/log/impalad/profiles is getting out of diskspace because every insert containing the filedata is logged there. 
I did not find anything to configure or deactivate that kind of logging.


cdh 5.13



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Re: Impalad logs diskspace full

Hi @kfc

You can go to Configuration in CM Impala service and change the Impala Daemon Logging Threshold ERROR instead of INFO, so just the errors will be logged.

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Re: Impalad logs diskspace full

Changing the log level will not work.


You can disable query profile profile logging with the following impalad startup option:



If successful, you should see "Query profile archival is disabled" in the impalad ERROR log.